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How to Paint a Metal Gate

How to Paint a Metal Gate

A freshly painted metal gate makes the exterior of a property look well maintained. Exposed to Irish weather, metal gates are prone to rusting and need to be cared for. Follow our guide to paint your gate to a professional standard.

Step 1 Prepare Area

Prepare for painting by placing a dust sheet on the floor to protect the surrounding area from paint stains, rust and debris. Remove the metal gate from its posts and place it on two saw horses (or similar) on top of the protective floor covering.

Step 2 Remove Rust

Use the stiff wire brush to get rid of any old, flaky paint and rust.

Step 3 Smooth Metal Surface

Use sandpaper to further smooth out any rough spots. Then wipe the gate down with an old cloth to remove any loosened debris and dust.

Step 4 Apply Primer

Apply an outdoor metallic primer to the previously rusty areas. This helps fill in gaps left by rust and helps seal the area to prevent further corrosion. The primer can be applied using a spray gun or a paintbrush. Allow the gate to dry according to the primer manufacturer’s guidelines, before moving on to paint the gate.

Step 5 Paint Gate

Similarly, to the primer, the paint can be applied with either a spray gun or a brush. Choose a suitable exterior metal paint that will work effectively with the primer and your chosen method of application. After painting, allow the gate to dry for several days, depending on weather conditions.

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